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GPS Machine Control Solutions in the civil construction industry 

Sheroz Earthworks primary service is based around GPS Machine Control Solutions. When upgrading to a GPS Solution, you can trust Sheroz Earthworks to give you ongoing Support whenever you need it!

Sheroz can support all machines! Excavators, Dozers, Graders and more! 

The Sheroz Trimble and Topcon Tech Team have the Experience to support your entire project!


Repairs and Maintanence

Machine Control Hardware and Parts


Sheroz Tech Team focus on the succsful delivery of your GPS System staying online and working to your standards all the time!

Sheroz Tech team can often get a full installation done within the day, resulting in you floating your machine off to its destination or getting to work right away! We can come to you, You can come to us! Check out our Blog Page for information on some install's we have done lately!

The Tech Team have the experience to Install any Trimble or TopCon system on any Machine! Graders, Dozers, Excavators, Drill Rigs, Compactors, Posi Tracks and More!

Sheroz will cooridnate the entire installation process and can work in with your needs. We can supply the equipment, or Install your equipment for you.

Our tech team can come to you, Site or Office, with all the tools needed to perform the Installation process, Or bring your machine to our Office and we can perform the job there!

Sheroz are known for their Specialised GPS Machine control Services With Topcon & Trimble systems.

For any GPS Specialist equipment needs or knows - Sheroz Earthworks has the answer and the support your'e looking for.

When using Sheroz Earthworks as your GPS Technician, You can be delivered a whole range of services covering the whole project.

Aerial Survey Scans can be completed before The Data preperation team comes in to convert your data file gps, creating an easily navigatable design computing out any errors for the operator, The Equipment can then be fully supplied from Sheroz Earthworks 1st or 2nd hand, a quick inspection of the vehicle before setting up site for installation, callibration and localisation by the Tech team, followed by training if needed for your whole team and then ongoing support, which can often have issues fixed in the quickest and cheapest way over facetime or phone!

Sheroz-Earthworks-excavator-kobelco-service-ute-topcon gps for sale asutralia-topcon gx60-topcon gps excavator-topcon 2d
Sheroz-Earthworks-Fleet-ute-owners--topcon gps for sale asutralia-topcon gx60-topcon gps excavator-topcon 2d machine control-

Sheroz understand that in the GPS Machine Control industry not everything goes the way its meant to,  Equipment can be affected by the environment and many other factors on site. With Machine positioning technology, Calibrations may need to be done again to ensure accuracy and precision for the gps system. Sheroz Earthworks can assist you with Callibrations for a wide range of trimble and topcon systems! Our Tech team can also train you how to do this so that we can save you costs in the long run!


Sheroz can provider repair and maintenance solutions when you need it most, Contact Sheroz when you have a broken item needing repair, or when your equipment needs updates or maintenance! 

Sheroz provides Machine Control onsite training, whether its one on one or in a large group. We will show you the in's and out's, and point you in the right direction when it comes to machine control systems & equipment that is specific to your job to ensure productive, efficient and high-quality results, fast. 

We can also facilitate a Theoretical and Practical Training session in the office at your request. This works well for operators that want to get more experience where they havent been given it yet.

GPS Machine Control 

If you need machine control installation and parts to start or complete your civil works or construction project in Australia, we can support you! From broken Sensors and Receivers, Full Machine Control Kits, Base and Rovers, Network Subscriptions, Brackets and More. We understand that equipment gets broken in environment we work in, When you need a TS1 sensor sent to you because a tree knocked one off Sheroz Hire and Pawn have range of spare equipment available for these situations! Enquire within for more information or a free quote!

Sheroz-Earthworks-excavator-kobelco-service-ute-topcon gps for sale asutralia-topcon gx60-topcon gps excavator-topcon 2d
Sheroz-Earthworks-Fleet-ute-owners--topcon gps for sale asutralia-topcon gx60-topcon gps excavator-topcon 2d machine control-

TopCon GPS Machine Control Solutions

Trimble GPS Machine Control Solutions

For certified information on TopCon Machine Control solutions check out the TopCon website or database 

For certified information on Trimble Machine Control solutions check out the Trimble website or database

Sheroz have over 8 years experience Servicing and Supplying TopCon Machine Control Solutions.

TopCon Offer a fantasic system similair to Trimbles Machine Control Solutions. From breaking ground to final inspection, Topcon's leading-edge construction solutions give you the tools to be more efficient, improve your accuracy and better manage your data, machines, and crew.

Sheroz can help facilitate the Service, Supply and ongoing Support for you when you are using Topcon GPS machine control on your earthworks project!

Give Sheroz a call when you are thinking about installing a TopCon System to your Excavator, Dozer, Grader or any type of Heavy Machinery!


Sheroz-Earthworks-grader-872D-front-close-topcon machine control gps for sale-excavator laser guidance-topcon gps for sale


Sheroz have over 5 years experience Servicing and Supplying Trimble Machine Control Solutions.

Trimble offer an extensive range of machine control equipment available for use with Heavy Machinery and Surveying needs. 

We work closely together with Sitech to ensure the equipment we make available is updated to whatever network or software needed to complete your project. With Machine Control Guidance Solutions becoming a Industry Standard, learning and using trimble technology on your Excavator or Grader has many advantages such as less Rework, Less Staking, Less Checking, Lower costs and Improved material yields, plus having the use of positioning tools to provide a construction machinery operator with a reference between the position of the bucket or blade and the target grade to ensure your job is done to perfection often beating project timelines. 

Sheroz-Earthworks-grader-service-ute-base station-brisbane gps- level best- position partners-bms lasersat-trade earthmovers-

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