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Sheroz Earthwork are now Distributors and Suppliers of a Weight Distribution  system! 

Utilised perfectly with the Excavators and Heavy Machinery in your fleet for Earthworks Projects!

The Pedestrian detection system can support many machines! Excavators, Dozers, Graders, Cranes, Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Forklifts and TeleHandlers! 

Sheroz Tech Team have the Experience to support your entire project!

SafEye - Nano 3D

Sheroz Earthworks are now also selling The SafEye- Nano 3D New Generation long-range camera system for mining operations and safety. The Safeye is an Affordable Pedestrian/Vehicle detection camera.

Annually there is 100,000 forklift and industrial accidents that involve pedestrians in work zones with injuries with 85 deaths resulting from these injuries. The system enables visual and sound alerts to notify the operator through a screen in the cab linked to a single 180 degrees Camera on the outside of your machine. Or to a multicamera controller linking to up to 4 SafEye Nano Cameras.


  • Surface Mining – Dynamic Zones
  • Detection range 40 meters​
  • Audible and Visual Warnings
  • Multi camera system
  • Up-to 4 cameras

The detection zone is automatically increased when the vehicle is traveling at a higher speed compared to traveling at a low speed. This allows the system to only detect objects that are dangerously close to the vehicle. SafEye-Nano automatically measures the vehicle speed using GPS technology and dynamically calculates the stopping distance and warning zones of the vehicle.
Before the object enters the danger zone where the vehicle would be unable to avoid an accident, the operator is warned to decrease speed or change direction. This allows the operator to react responsibly and avoid an accident.

This system can be used on multiple machines including:

  • Excavators, Dozers, Graders, Compactors, Trucks, Forklifts, Train, Underground Mining Machines and More.​

The system can detect:

  • Pedestrians, Cars, Excavators, Loaders, Mining Equipment, Stop Signs, Trains, and other objects can be trained to the system to detect if need be!

Some features of the camera include:

  • 3D Camera system – Can calculate object distance
  • AI Object and Pedestrian Detection built-in
  • Up-to 60 Meter Vehicle Detection
  • Up-to 35-40 Meter Pedestrian Detection
  • Field of view – 90 Degrees
  • Dual Camera option with 180 Degree Field of view • IP69
  • POE (Power over Ethernet) – Single Cable
  • Aluminium enclosure / Ruggedized
  • Long data cable length – 80 meter


  • Continuous video recording for retrieval
  • All event logs

12-month warranty.

For more information Contact Sheroz Earthworks regarding the prevention of accidents with workers and pedestrians in harsh industrial and mining environments.

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SafEye-Nano lets Machine's 'SEE'

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The SafEye-Nano is an advanced camer based collision avoidance system for inducstrial machines that detects people and other objects and alerts machine operators their prescence. Intelligent collision avoidance solutions allows mining and industrial operators to be more safe and producstive by reducing fatalaties and accidents.

Sheroz is concerned with machines in 'mission critical' applications, where accidents are unaccapteable and where safety can be enhanced through the safeye nano camera based collision avoidance systems. 

Audible alerts are created for the driver while real time remote alerts can be analysed for fatigued or distracted operators. 

SafEye-Nano's infrared camera continously monitors the configured road zone and warns the operator of any potential dangers.


- No tag or signalling device regquired.

- low light sensitive camera with wife field of view.

- ultra rugged design for harsh environments.

- long range (90 Metres) interfaces for any application. 

- Reduced incidents and accidents.

- Increased operator productivity.

- Increased operator awareness, reducing blind spot related accidents.

- Reduces direct and indirect operating costs.

- Reduced costs to safety as the system doe snot require any infrastructure to operate.

- Low cost multi-camera system for all-round machine protection.

- The only system with dynamic zoning for surface operations.

- Multi-camera syste, for improved detection on large machines like excavators and rigid dump trucks. 

Operators are immedietly aware of a potential accident with a pedsetrian or other objects. Uponf hearing the audibale alaram tthe operator is able to take the approriate action to regain control of their machien to avoid the accident. 

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