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Sheroz Earthworks offers quality services including drone surveying, aerial mapping, fleet maintenance and more to clients from all around Australia including Hobart, Brisbane and Cairns.

When it comes to a broad range of quality services involving GPS technology like drone surveying and fleet tracking, Sheroz Earthworks are industry leaders. We provide everything our clients need all in one convenient place to make your experience as efficient as possible. We offer the following high-quality services to our clients from the Sunshine Coast down to Byron Bay and everywhere in between.

Drone Aerial mapping and survey - At Sheroz Earthworks we're Drone deploy resellers & are licensed to run basic drone software packages to suit certain users’ needs and requests when it comes to photo images, inspection, site scan and aerial mapping. With Drone Survey you can provide your clients with more real-time information – for about the same cost as a traditional on-the-ground surveyor. (20-hectare job site drone pickup $75 for drone deploy users, Subcontracted Surveyors pickup of a 20-hectare job site $1000+)

Fleet management and tracking - Sheroz also run a great fleet tracking system through fleet seek, ask us for further information about tracking your fleet in real time and having updated data relayed back to an on-board program that tracks everything regarding fleet servicing.

Auto electrics - Sheroz can facilitate with all your basic auto sparky needs, E stops, flashing lights, LED lights & light bars, radios etc. We also have a great subcontracted source for any air con needs & re-gassing on your machines

Machine Control Installation and Parts - If you need machine control installation and parts to start or complete your civil works or construction project in Warwick, we can help. We can perform drone inspections and support quickly and efficiently.

Sheroz Hire and Pawn - We sell, pawn and hire your new and 2nd hand surveying instruments and machine control equipment. This includes:

  • Grader machine control
  • Excavator machine control
  • Dozer machine control
  • Total Stations LPS & UTS
  • GPS / GNSS rovers and base stations
  • Laser levels
  • Rotator tilt buckets 
  • Sharp Grade Level best blades
  • And much more. 

Sheroz hire and pawn - An advanced GPS and machine control specialist marketplace.

Other services 

  • GPS machine control hire, installation, training and support.​
  • 24/7 support for machines and machine control.
  • Hire of machine control equipment.
  • Installation of machine control equipment.
  • Service and repairs of machine control systems, including Topcon and Trimble.
  • Support services including operator training
  • Machine maintenance, servicing and repairs.
  • Support services.
  • Sheroz assistance - Phone application coming soon.

Sheroz-Earthworks-excavator-kobelco-service-ute-topcon gps for sale asutralia-topcon gx60-topcon gps excavator-topcon 2d
Sheroz-Earthworks-Fleet-ute-owners--topcon gps for sale asutralia-topcon gx60-topcon gps excavator-topcon 2d machine control-

Surveying - Surveying is the mapping and measurement of an environment (often a construction site) using specialised technology, equipment and mathematics. Surveying contractors work out in the field, using technology like GPS, taking photos and making computations. They then use sophisticated software to draft maps and plans before your excavator does all the work, creating the perfect dimensions.

Machine control - Sheroz Specialise in Topcon & Trimble systems. For any GPS Specialist equipment needs or knows - Sheroz Earthworks has the answer and the support your looking for. 

Sheroz provides Machine Control onsite training, whether its one on one or in a large group. We will show you the in's and out's, and point you in the right direction when it comes to machine control systems & equipment that is specific to your job to ensure productive, efficient and high-quality results, fast.

Site setup - Sheroz can also help with most of your site setup needs when it comes to base station setup, site calibration and job site file conversions to help get you jobsite online quickly.

Sheroz-Earthworks-grader-872D-front-close-topcon machine control gps for sale-excavator laser guidance-topcon gps for sale
Sheroz-Earthworks-grader-service-ute-base station-brisbane gps- level best- position partners-bms lasersat-trade earthmovers-

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