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Sheroz Earthwork are now Queensland distributors and Suppliers of a Weight Distribution  system! 

Utilised perfectly with the Excavators and trucks in your fleet for Earthworks Projects!

The weight scale system can support many machines! Excavators, Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Forklifts and TeleHandlers! 

Sheroz Tech Team have the Experience to support your entire project!

Why is this Valuable?

The Weight scale system is used in harmony with Excavators and Trucks and holds many advantanges,

The System is easy for us to set up and fits similar to the GPS Systems we currently set up in our customer's machines, leaving all the cabling and sensors fit along the Stick and boom linking up to the main screen in the cab for your easy viewing and access. The system can come attached with a printer to print out the data at the end of the day or transfer it to a USB platform.

  • The Load Weighing System is essential for sites such as quarries, building sites, mine sites, etc where either there is no weighbridge or the weighbridge is some distance away from the loading site.
  • It eliminates the need for loaded trucks to run over the weighbridge only to turn around if they are overloaded or underloaded.
  • The machine operator can control all the weighing operations from a scale terminal mounted in the cab.
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  • Increase in productivity of your machine by performing weight accuracy within +3% when loading loose materials.
  • Is essential for quarries and mines without weighing bridges and equally ideal for sites where the weighbridge is a significant distance from the loading area.
  • Speeds up the loading operation by achieving the maximum filling capacity of the truck first time, reducing laps to the weighbridge.
  •  Increases productivity and consequent profit from each job thanks to its revolutionary loading and management technology.
  • Has an industry leading self learning calibration function that drastically reduces the system implementation time.
  • Stores and manages daily/weekly totals
  • Is capable of tracking different materials on the same truck.

The system consists of 2 x angle sensors , 1 x on the stick, and 1 x on the main boom which would be similar to the GPS Machine Control you are used to. 2 x pressure transducers , 1 x on the lift circuit of the main boom and 1 x on the return line of the main boom. The indicator is mounted inside the cabin and the main control box, MIDAC (where calibration is kept) is normally mounted in or around the void behind the cabin area.

Weighing takes place as the main boom is raised through a weighing “window”. The weighing window is set by the operator depending on where they are loading. If the excavator is loading from a stockpile , the weighing window can be set lower. If loading from roadside, the weighing window can be set higher. The weighing window is approx 1 second long when lifting. During this time only the main boom control can be operated. The main boom is required to be lifted at a smooth steady pace from leaving the stockpile until a weight is displayed.

Once operators get used to the system , very little if any time is lost during the weighing process. Often though , getting operators to change their habits can be challenging. Some are more receptive than others. Onsite training is imperative in my view. When we fit these systems to excavators at Dealers premises , we also quote for calibration  and commissioning onsite. Fitting can be done in a workshop , but calibration should be then carried out on a stockpile to allow full motion beneath track level. We have also fitted the systems to wheeled excavators with grabs.

The Tera7 weighing system allows bucket weights to be accumulated for loading trucks, along with a bucket count. Data can be stored along with weights. Data such as Customer, Products, Trucks (with payload limits), Operators . This information can be printed out on the optional printer as the truck is being loaded , or printed out at the day. Data can also be downloaded via the USB Downloader at the end of the day, shift, week , month etc.

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Sheroz-Earthworks-Fleet-ute-owners--topcon gps for sale asutralia-topcon gx60-topcon gps excavator-topcon 2d machine control-

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The 3B6 I View Excavator Load Weighing Systemis a Dynamic Load Weighing System suitable for excavators over 14t. It weighs the load in a bucket of an excavator as the load is being raised. Very little, if any, time is lost in the weighing process meaning it is a very versatile and easy to use system. The 3B6 I View Excavator Load Weighing System is essential for sites such as quarries, building sites, mine sites etc where either there is no weighbridge, or the weighbridge is some distance away from the loading site. The 3B6 I View Excavator Load Weighing System has dual IP67 protected angle sensors that are mounted on the main boom and also the dipper arm which will monitor and compensate for the differing angles, and dual pressure sensors in the hydraulics for accurate readings. The weighing height is adjustable to allow for weighing from a stockpile or weighing from “roadside”.


Sheroz-Earthworks-grader-872D-front-close-topcon machine control gps for sale-excavator laser guidance-topcon gps for sale


The Tera 7 is the most recently updated ​and upgraded model of the 3B6 IVIEW with enhanced Technical Specifications such as,  Electrical Characteristics, Mechanical Characteristics and Additional Settings.

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